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Right now you're looking at a raw racing team. This is not a random combination of young fellows. Each and every one of these men possesses a certain quality. This is a quality of the kind you can't see; the kind that can't be captured in a photograph. Something you either got or you don't. And it's not a random feature, but a basic racing-requirement. What I'm talking about is an inner craving. A hunger, an eagerness. An incontrollable drive: the Drive to Win.

When these guys touch the track, something almost magical happens. Playful pups transform into bloodthirsty lions. At one moment you're looking at a bunch of kids. At the next you're witnessing raw talent at work, or at war. Our team consists of men that aren't just drivers. They're winners.

The RAW Racing rules of engagement:
Rotamax regulations (pdf)
International sporting code (pdf)

Jules Szymkowiak
Eric Stahl